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Posted: February 28, 2006 in Uncategorized

Sadly, Hamnpork went to the vets yesterday, and didn’t come back 😦 THe vet said he was good for his age, but it and liver failure had caught up with him. The vet very kindly used gas instead of a needle too, so he wouldn’t feel it.
She was also very interested in him, because she’d never sen a Dumbo rat before, and he was a pretty Rex too.

The ‘Smarten Up’ offensive seems to have worked. Wore a smart skirt and top to work and – shock, horror – sheer tights (I am fishnet or opaque lady normally, because I demolish them otherwise). Got a few compliments too, which seems to happen when I make an effort. And if you’re wondering, there were compliments from male and female staff.

The visit with the boss seemed to go OK – will wait for him to dissect it, but I had a few visits dissected yesterday, and it was OK. No bollocking, no grief, just advice and – more shock, more horror – a compliment. Upon telling him i had spent the last fortnight convinced I can’t do my job, write letters or reports, record my time, anything right, he said – ‘Oh, well why do you feel like that? Who’s been saying things?’


Anyhow, have a dentist appointment on the 14th – typically he’s on holiday this week, and fully booked the next. And because I haven’t been for 3 years (oops), I have to have a full consultation – from £80 PLUS x-rays. Joy. Beans on toast anyone?

Must remember to tax car tomorrow.

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