Posted: March 3, 2006 in Uncategorized

Must be the week for it. Criz got up this morning to find Dangerous Beans dead in his cage. Had to take him to the vet for cremation, which wasn’t nice. It must have been very quick – he seemed fine last night, munching on a piece of toast. At least it wasn’t drawn out, like Hamnpork. That really was upsetting to see.

In vindictive mode today. Will be sending out cheery letters, oh joy.

One day left to find something (un)suitable to wear for tomorrow. Must go with flat heeled long suede boots. Argh. And not make me look like a lardarse.

Saw a band on Scuzz this morning, called Bif Naked. Don’t normally like girl fronted bands at all, but she was cool, the song was catchy and I have new inspiration. I WANT A BODY LIKE THAT. Oh yes. But there are Minstreals on my desk. Oops. Not often you find a rock chick singer with a decent figure – on e that looks like she actually sees a gym, instead of the skinny fags and booze diet look.


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