How cool

Posted: March 5, 2006 in Uncategorized

was the Glam night? It rocked again, even if someone who shall remain nameless got chatted up by a very ropey looking old punk. (not me)

Anyway, it should be law for men to have long hair.

There was a really grotesque case of muffin-top though, and an even worse case of builders’ bum. It was frightening.

But it was all good, and the music was excellent and I managed to fall flat on my arse on the way home. I can’t even blame it on the drink – it snowed during the night, and walking back there was a thin layer of ice on the pavement. Ice + flat boots + hill = sore arse. Good job it’s well padded, eh?

Bought the hairdye – ash blonde, how….ordinary 😉
A bit scared. I’ve used permanent before, but it’s either been bleach, which takes everything out, or black, which covers everything. Oh well.


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