Succulent and moist

Posted: March 9, 2006 in Uncategorized

were the words of the day.

Just got back from getting nekkid for Queen and country.

Have had a lovely two days which involved the following;

– Explaining felching, fudge packing and fisting to the other lady on the course
– Making the trainee go green when explaning how fisting is marvellous, and all good, clean fun
– Discovered Boy Butter and Elbow Grease (look it up, but not work-safe!)
– Found a way to get broccoli in a conversation between a trainee and a paedophile
– Made endless jokes about succulent broccoli and boy butter
– Had a couple of fights, before being manhandled away by a couple of burly trainees. I ended up pinned against the bench by one mans middle aged spread, which was all very entertaining
– Completely embarrassed the poor little mites
– Oh, and I got my kit off a couple of times.
– Learned a couple of offensive jokes to relate at work tomorrow
– stuffed myself with such delights as deep fried brie, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, Thai chicken wrap, marmalade roly poly, apple and mince pie, soup, couple of full English brekkies and chicken Pathia (not all in one sitting!)
– Had a lovely conversation which made me feel a lot more confident about myself and my spare tyre.

I did completely fail to get any dirt on the boss from the chap who used to work with him (same chap with a broccoli fetish)

And tomorrow I will be back at work, to the grinstone and all that. But first I shall have a bath, maybe watch House, because it’s cool, and chill a bit.


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