Milton Keynes is Chav Central

Posted: March 12, 2006 in Uncategorized

I found a pair of shoes! Red or Dead metal spike heeled brocade and patent leather, called Razz. They were beautiful but expensive at £80, but I was all too willing to learn to walk in 4 1/2 inch heels….

…But the size 4’s were too big, and they had none in a 3!


The search goes on.

Instead, I made another trip to Hotel Chocolat, bought some Lip Injection, a Classic 80s Rock mag, 2 suspender belts (one of which is almost entirely of diamante) because they were BOGOF in Debenhams, some micronet tights and the new Hanoi Rocks album. The first few songs sound rather impressive!

I may dig out the stilettoes in order to relearn to walk in them. I used to be able to walk, run and dance in them, so I need to sort it out really.

Here’s the shoes by the way….

I think I’m turning into a tart.

After a week of training courses, swimming and sauna, there will be much gymmage this week. In fact, every sodding night for I have been a slack git, and having almost got myself into a size 10 skirt (got it on but very tight around the hips), I’d like to fully and comfortably get myself in it.

And cheapo Boots curl creme is wonderful – no silicones, dirt cheap and loads of it. Must wash the hairspray out though. Will try Daddyo tonight in a desperate attempt to kill the fast returning orange from my hair.


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