Lunatic things I have done

Posted: March 13, 2006 in Uncategorized

Agreewd to do a Lush party for a bunch of Brownies on Thursday night (because I’m the only one with a car).

Given my thoughts on children in general, this is going to be interesting. I get to be ‘bad cop’, because I don’t ‘do’ kids. Ho hum, it’s all extra cash.

Still no luck on the shoe front. Argh.

Dentist tomorrow. Oh bugger. This time tomorrow, I should be £100 poorer, probably with a pack of penicillin to get rid of any infection, and an appointment for £400 worth of root canal. Ouch (not the root canal, the cost). Luckily last months expenses should pay for half of it. See Torture by Minors above, for the rest.

So much work to do, so little time. And I am determined, before the month is out, to Sort Out My Clothes. As much of a slob as I am, I don’t see why I should wear unflattering clothes just because they’re comfy.#

Feel much better for going to the gym. My weight has been stable for a while now, but my diet is currently rubbish. Just been to Sainsbury’s for muscle food – chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, purple sprouting broccoli (fnar), salad leaves, beansprouts, peppers, mushrooms and onions. Found prawns, pork steaks and lean mince in the freezer too. I have no excuse.

I’m aiming to lose around a stone of flab, and properly get into a size 10 skirt (No point trying to get into a size 10 top with my boobs!). No time limit, but in the next 6 months would be nice.


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