Posted: March 14, 2006 in Uncategorized

Is the quote I’ve been given for all the dental treatment I need to sort my gob out.

Bloody hell.

I have appointments up until November to sort this out. Works out at around £325 per month which is just about all of my disposable income (assuming Chris pays his share of the bills). Ouch. And the most expensive part will be the root canal, core build up and crown, which will come to a whopping £1237.80.

Holy crap.

THat’s the most expensive part. I also need a number of fillings. Three are replacements for unsound fillings I’ve had for years (and two are amalgam, so at least I’ll be shot of them), the rest are ‘new’.

I have been strongly advised to cut down my sugar intake.

Seriously considering it.

Actually, after the initial horror, it’s around £205 per month, so I just have 2 months of hell before Lush pays for my new teeth.

Whitby will be a cheap one this year – I’ll be the one with the meths….


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