Not much to report

Posted: March 15, 2006 in Uncategorized

Off to see a friend who just happens to be an Ann Summers lady. Saw a nice top in the catalogue which only comes in sizes 14/16 and upwards. I’m a 12. She assures me they’re cut small,so I’m going to try it on,and have a bit of a nose at her stuff.

Desperately skint again. Argh.

This sucks. Fed up of having no money, and not being able to have a life. I don’t want to be stinking rich – I just want to be able to have a night out every couple of weeks, buy the odd item of clothing or shoes because I like them, and to have a break sometimes. And decent dental treatment and a new pair of glasses I’m desperate for. That’s all. Just a standard disposable income that I can spend on pretty things. I work hard to pay the bills, I pay my taxes, don’t get anything from the government (apart from ever more stupid methods of doing my job), and I just want to be normal.

Why is it all the people I know on benefits have all the latest gadgets, decent PCs, new furniture, kitchens, appliances and clothes? I’m not a wasteful person, and it irritates me to see these people somehow getting a new TV every two years befcause it’s the ‘latest model’, when their old one was perfectly good enough. When we moved into the flat, the only new things we bought were a fridge-freezer and a tumble dryer. The cooker was already there, the washing machine cost £20 out of the paper (and it still works perfectly, 4 years later), all the furniture was handed down or given to us, and we still have it all. As much as I’d like to buy newer, nicer, matching furniture, I can’t afford it. It makes me sick. Argh!

Not even as if I have an extravagant lifestyle.

My ‘daily driver’ New Rocks are knackered (3 years of wearing them almost daily), and too scruffy to wear on visits, so I need new ones. Bollocks, I have a decent job, earning well over the minimum wage (but still below the ‘decency threshold’, strangely), and I feel poor.

Rant over.

Gutted I missed the Artshock programme last night. Would have been nice to See Alice at her tea party 😉

Off to look at pants


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