Need a bath

Posted: March 16, 2006 in Uncategorized

but it’s late, but I want to smell nice tomorrow, because my hair is crap and I’m looking a bit haggard.

I did the Brownie thing, I survived. They weren’t horrors, but being descended on by 20 7-10 year olds is not fun. I am definitely NOT a children person. If I didn’t need the money…..

I may do Esquires tomorrow, for there are rawk bands and a Rammstein promo, and it’s all fun and there are posters of naked arses and everything. And Urchin, if you are reading this, I have something very amusing to email you about arses and jeans and stuff tomorrow.

I would have spat out my tea if I’d been drinking any.

The shoe search may continue tomorrow. I did wear my ancient New Rocks today – the ones that kept giving me gyp and are too small around the calf so the velcro keeps coming undone. Well, I tried them on because after the MK experience, where the shoes I tried on were too big, I put them on, and they fit! The velcro still pings and one toe pinches a bit, but it’s not agony. So now I have 3 and a half wearable pairs of New Rocks. Sadly, they are all only suitable for long skirts.

I am off to watch an ex really fat bird on telly (for the last half hour) and then run me bath. I reckon a bit of Hot Mik, Floating Island, Whitewash and Sympathy for a total Sandalwood fest.


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