You are very very sleepy…..

Posted: March 18, 2006 in Uncategorized

I am knackered.

Went to Esquires last night, but was a bit late for the bands (so I thought…) so hung around downstairs for the 80s night. Which was the best night I’ve been to at Esquires for years, but still wasn’t great. There were 2 goth and 2 hair metal songs, the rest was really bland pop. Not a patch on Laughtons. Or the Asylum.

Got to bed at 4, and was back up at 7, afte having woken up 3 times, because I was paranoid about oversleeping. Got to work with 5 mins to spare, and am now absolutely wasted.

Friday I got a compliment from someone at work which was nice, if a little embarrassing.

Tomorrow, I am planning to sort out my clothes, into Work, Day and Going Out. I need to get rid of knackered tights and saggy pants.

I may also go to they gym , as I’ve only been twice this week, and that’s slack of me.

Tonight I will put on the spike heels and practice walking in them for a bit. If I don’t fall asleep first.


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