More motivation

Posted: March 27, 2006 in Uncategorized

Am feeling strangely optimistic today.

I was quite productive at work (though someone will hate me for the bill I’ve sent them), had a good laugh with a couple of colleagues, and had a very long chat with the boss.

Half of it was random crap, and the rest was about me, and work, and my attitude. Thankfully, it was all good, and I got a few things ironed out – like how depressing and shite working in Luton is, and why I hate working there, and I finally got it from the horses mouth that he is happy for me to be working in the office, I get on with the other staff, and I’ve ‘blossomed’ since I’ve been there, so all I have to do is show my face in Luton occasionally, and I won’t get any hassle. Hurrah.

At least I’m being appreciated. And the others actually want to work with me. Sometimes at the other office, it felt like I was a nuisance, and I received no support.

I have also apparently ‘grown up’ over the last few months. Well, no shit Sherlock, though in my own mind I have reverted now most of the debt stress has gone away. I think it is more the people I’m working with to be honest – I’ve always worked better with men than women. Possibly a sexist comment, but believe me, men are much bigger gossips, and far bitchier than women – they are just more direct.

And I went to the gym. Due to long chat, I was late, and had eaten too early, as I wanted to increase my weights today. I increased a couple, but tomorrow I’ll be on the protein offensive so I can really go for it on the squats! M&S Spicy Chicken with Tomato Bacon and Chilli for lunch, which has 450kcal, consisting of 39.9g protein, 35.3g carbs,16.3g fat and 8g fibre. Unfortunately it also contains 2.8g salt, but I won’t be adding salt to my eggs in the morning, or my chicken in the evening, so I should come in under 6g. The other option is Beef in Ale, with 495kcal, 47.1g protein, 16.7g carbs, 26.2g fat, 10.3g fibre and 2g salt. Low carbs though, so might need a slice of bread to mop up the gravy….

So for once, I am feeling happy. Ish.

Oh, I’m sorry, I should have asked if you were sitting down first……;)

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