Ooh hurty

Posted: March 29, 2006 in Uncategorized

Just been to the gym, and I managed my heaviest ‘lifts’ ever for squats, butt blaster and adductor machine. Yay me.

And because you all need a laugh at the weedy person, squats were 37.5kg on a 20kg bar (82.5lbs on a 45lb bar)

Butt blaster was 60kg (132lbs) on ONE leg

Adductor machine was 40kg (88lbs)

And I did a 35kg bar for stiff legged deadlifts (77lbs)

I ate properly today, so felt strong. If I keep this up, I’ll be squatting my bodyweight before long.

Next target is 20kg dumbbell chest presses and unassisted pullups.

If my arse isn’t rock solid tomorrow (and getting sore by mid-afternoon) I want to know why!

Mr Criz tidied my bedroom today and washed all my clothes, as I haven’t had time, which was lovely. I have clean clothes, and most of them are in a wardrobe! Woo! And everything the sodding cat had pissed on has been washed! Bitch. I now have a bedroom smelling of sandalwood. Hurrah!

Listening to a rather fantastic glam metal radio station on the net. They just played Vain. Vain Rock! I have downloaded their new album, but only listened to 3 or 4 songs. Impressive. As is the new Hanoi Rocks album. I love glam. It’s glam night on Saturday. I am brassic. I have a dentist to pay. Bugger, arse and bollocks.

And my hair is looking ginger again.


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