Posted: March 31, 2006 in Uncategorized

Once you’re tagged you have to write a blog with six weird things/habits about yourself. Then you must choose six people to tag. You have to leave a comment for each telling them to read this blog and do this same thing…

Won’t leave comments, but still….

And how many of you will be thoroughly disgusted by some of these….

1. The worst. I hate ANYTHING in my nose. So I pick it a lot. I have a fear of having a bogey hanging out…..

2. I usually eat my food in a particular order – meat, veg, then stodge.

3. I have an all-encompassing fear of vomit. Doing it, feeling like it, seeing it, smelling it and hearing it all give me the horrors. I am not a good person to be with on a night out as I am constantly looking out for people who look a bit ‘iffy’

4. When I write my notebooks at work, I start them from the back.

5. When I eat apples, I eat the whole thing – core and all. I have also been known to eat Opal Fruits this way because I can’t be bothered to take the wrappers off.

6. The fact that I go to the gym to deliberately geow muscles, and not to get skinny is something a lot of people find weird. Sadly.

Shall tag litus666, nonnymus, mr_criz, nevla, simonsatori and emperorbevis


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