Good news?

Posted: April 3, 2006 in Uncategorized

The company that Mr Criz worked for a couple of years back is once again recruiting for traffic survey technicians. Granted, it’s a temporary job – until October, though last time they had work until December, but the money is good, and he liked the work.

Means having the flat to myself all week, but as I’m at work or the gym, I don’t spend loads of time there anyway. And it means I can watch rubbish TV. I suspect the cats will be a clingy nightmare though.

I already have to cancel a dental appointment because I can only afford to get half of it done, and I technically have NO money for Whitby, so if he gets the job (though it usually starts in May), I should be out of the financial crap again in a couple of months.

Right, now off to write up the glowing feedback (see previous post) and prepare for the horror of The Appraisal tomorrow.

It will be a horror, because the boss had an argument with someone over theirs this morning, and he’s going to be wary tomorrow, because I usually argue, or tell him I don’t give a shit. Either way, he finds it stressful.


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