More good news

Posted: April 4, 2006 in Uncategorized

Looks like Mr Criz has the job at the traffic place. Unfortunaltely, it doesn’t start until May.

I had half the root canal done, so I now have a temporary filling and a face that feels like it’s been hit in the face with a brick! Still, the sensitivity and general pain will be gone now. Here’s hoping those paracetamol I just took will be the last ones for a while.

Had my appraisal today. Apart from the first 9 months of th year when I was a pathetic pile of shite, I have been great. Hurrah!

Tomorrow, I get to drive to Castle Donington for a ‘seminar’ – if I get there early enough I get fed, I get fed after, get breakfast and then have to drive to Hoddesden for 10.30am – because I thought I was staying tonight – duhhhhhh! 150 mile drive straight after a big fry-up – oh joy. And somehow I have to get from the M1 to the A10 (avoiding the M25, obviously – it may be an A14 moment. Or not.)

And my arse hurts because I did lunges. Ow. But it’s all in a good cause….

I really need a new silver chain. i broke the last one. Any ideas? I was thinking I could get a pretty jet or turquoise, or even amber pendant from Whitby. Jet and Turquoise are two of my birthstones too.


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