Bored, tired and angry.

Posted: April 7, 2006 in Uncategorized

Bored at work. No-one in, so no conversation or interaction, which is a bit boring (I sound like a right sad, lonely git).

Tired, because I’ve had a tiring week, and have only had time to get to the gym on Monday. Must rectify that tonight. If I have the energy.

Angry because I’m fed up of being skint. I have around £50 for Whitby (if I buy no food or anything for the next week) That’ll just about pay the petrol. Hmmm. Not Helpful.

This is ludicrous. Have to cancel my (empty) credit cards, as I hate MBNA, and the others are just blah. Can get a much better one from Smile. Keeps the credit rating up, and I suspect I’ll have an emergency thing shortly. Gah.

Want to redecorate the flat, want to make clothes, want to do all sorts of things.
Working tomorrow, and off to the Organic Food Festival on Sunday (if I can afford the £2 entry). Otherwise, anything good happening this weekend? I could do with a JD and good company (because I am a sad lonely git etc etc)

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