Organic goodness

Posted: April 9, 2006 in Uncategorized

Uneventful weekend really. Worked yesterday, and availed myself of a Happy Pill and some Happy soap.

Yum. The Happy Pill takes AGES to dissolve – I reckon at least 10 mins, and the soap is lovely – all very comforting, and good with a squirt of Olive Branch.

Just been to the Organic Food Festival which was just down the road. Got myself some free range bacon, organic pineapple sweeties, banana, lime and cinnamon jam, sticky lemon pudding and some natural cleaning products. So what do I do when I get home? Clean the toilet. That powder works, and it’s better than Ajax. Cool. And the company is local, based in Luton. Fantastic.

So I am waiting for Mr Criz to get out of the bathroom so I can scrub the bath. I am a sad soul. Hasn’t helped the money situation any, but hey, everyone needs a clean bog.

Will spend the rest of the day soring out the bathroom, reading and eating. Next weekend I must do the clothing clearout and tidy. Depending on work, hair and general Whitby prep. Argh, so much to do……

And I have just over a week to blitz the gym for Whitby (there isn’t one, well there is but I’d have to pay, and running is OK but not the same), in preparation for the fried brekkie, fish and chips, pub lunches and alcohol. And pasties. Evil bakery….


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