Posted: April 10, 2006 in Uncategorized

About food. A favourite subject of mine.

I expect to get flamed to death for this one, but yesterday got me wondering.

I went to the organic food fair, and was looking at a stall that told various preserves and sauces. A woman next to me was looking at a label, and told the stallholder she had to check the ingredients because she ‘has loads of food intolerances, to all sorts of things’. Like it was a badge of honour, or she was proud of it!
The more I look, the more I see people (mostly under 40) who have some kind of allergy or intolerance to food, and I wonder why. Am I missing something? What is an intolerance?

I have to admit that I pay very little attention to labels in a general way. I avoid hydrogenated oils and artificial sweeteners, because I think they are inherently bad, but I don’t have a reaction to them. I check out the protein content of food, because I lift weights, and I check Indian foods for coriander leaf because it’s vile, but I don’t look at labels because I can’t actually eat anything.

Is it because we are so sanitised, our bodies turn against us, or is it because the food we eat is chemical laden rubbish which interferes with the digestive system? Are people with that amount of allergies/reactions just weak? I don’t get it.

I know people get migraines from eating cheese, that a lot of people are allergic to strawberries, or shellfish or whatever, but to proclaim ‘i have loads of food intolerances’ like it’s a good thing just does my head in.

That probably made no sense at all, I just know that when I was at school, the only allergies you ever heard of were hayfever and pet allergies. The odd ‘strawberries give me a rash’, and that’s about it.


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