Big sigh of relief

Posted: April 11, 2006 in Uncategorized

It’s all OK, I am not the Office Twat, and I am not beetroot face.

I am hungry though. Bacon and egg sandwich not filling the gap, and I’m off to the gym early so there must be protein in abundance. Chilli should do it.

Ah yes, the gym. Last night was a joy in itself. No, really.

After fighting the Traffic From Hell (er, it’s school holidays, where is it all coming from?), I got to the Car Park From Hell (double parking so you can’t swing a tiny little Nova into the only space left – helpful), I ended up in Testosterone Hell.

After finally finding a treadmill I warmed up, then went to the weights area. Not a single bench to be found. The pull up machine was queued. Eventually, a bench came free, so I went in search of the 16kg dumbbells. The gym has 3 sets, and 2 sets of 14s. Nothing. All in use, or hogged. OK I’ll go for broke. 18s. Nope. Thought, ‘OK, so I’ll do legs, no matter’ Off to the squat rack. Which had a bar with 100kg each side (someone doing shrugs), and someone standing in front of it who wouldn’t move because he ‘needed the mirror’ (there is a mirror along 2 walls, ffs).
So I thought I’d do cardio instead. No major problem there, right? Oh, no. Cardio Bunnies Inc. had set up on the steppers, the treadmills were full of people WALKING, I don’t like the bikes, the Spin class had already started and the next class was Step (I’ll do BodyPump and BodyCombat, but that’s my lot). So I gave up and went home.

6pm not the best time to go to the gym. Tonight I’ll go at around 4 – I’ll be home in time for food and Dalziel and Pascoe, and I have dried out my cossie, so if all else fails I get a swim!

And because I can’t do cuts at work for some reason, if you’ve got this far, last rant is about statistics GMTV spouted this morning, about 98% of women hating their bodies.

That is truly disgusting. So, the media tells us what we ‘should’ look like, if we don’t we won’t be happy, get a man/woman, decent job, so we believe it and get made to feel like shit. Worse, men start believing it, so you get men who think we should all look like malnourished airbrushed freaks, and believe anything else is ‘ugly’

I’m having a low self-esteem day as it is, but being told I’m ugly by a man who is hardly perfect because he believes what he sees in magazines really pisses me off. How dare they? It’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable with myself, and even if I’m feeling shit about myself today, I’m still angry that I feel this way. Argh.

And for the fucking record a (UK) size 4 is NOT normal. I’m 6 inches shorter than the average UK woman, and 7 inches shorter than Posh and Jordan, and I start to look ropey at size 8-10. At size 4 I would just look appalling. And dead. And I probably would be. I’m stocky but small booned – I have tiny hands and (size 2.5) feet, and that sort of size would look so bad on me, how would it look on a larger built person?

Ooh, it winds me up!


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