More ouch

Posted: April 14, 2006 in Uncategorized

Just been to the gym again. That’s actually the full four times this week. Even managed a quick swim. Think I pulled something when I did lunges but it’s not too bad. Nice hot bath for me later!

Rock night last night was interesting. Started off a bit ropey, too much emo shit, and playing Velvet Revolver that early was pointless as no-one was dancing. After about 12.30 it got much better, and I was only off the dancefloor for about 4 songs – 3 weren’t my thing, and I really needed a drink for the other. Nice mix of older and newer but no hair metal, which was a shame. Really fancied a bit of Crue. No Rammstein either, sadly, unless that was played really early before I went in.

It sounded like an old Friday night at Esquires, when the Alternative disco really was alternative. It’s a long time since I danced to White Zombie, Ministry, NIN, Metallica, Disturbed and Anthrax at Esquires, particularly on the same night.

Tomorrow I work, then drive to Nottingham (and miss Doctor Who – BOO!!!!!!), go to the Wake, get hair done on Sunday and maybe Monday – what exactly does this involve, anyway? – then back home.

Packing and stuff Tuesday, drive to Whitby on Wednesday. Wonder which odd colleagues will turn up this year and not tell me they’re there?


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