Random thoughts

Posted: May 2, 2006 in Uncategorized

It’s a sign of how much I am not back in work mode, when I’ve been updating so much today. No-one really here, and I’m bored, with all sorts of thoughts buzzing through my head.

Firstly, it’s coming up to *the other* time of the month. Lock up your sons!

How come the Civil Service is controlled by the government? Why do they have the say in how big our budgets and staff allocations are? Technically, we work for the Crown and carry out Government policy. Isn’t their interference a conflict of interests?

Even the most confident looking people have insecurities.

The vast majority of people are basically nice

But some change into complete tossers depending on the company

Why is it frowned upon to call people names because of their race or religion, but if they have funny coloured hair, it’s OK to shout all manner of abuse?

Just because I wear fishnet tights and look ‘different’, I am not a slut.

Some teenagers are not hormonal monstrosities, in fact they are quite normal.

My boss, for once, may have been right about one thing. This frightens me immensely.

I am pathetic

By the end of the night, I will have soft hair again.

My hair needs to be stroked *purr*

MBNA and ShatWest are going to get it. Charging me £28 for going 75p over my overdraft is taking the piss

I quite like the new Korn album, and Coming Undone is an addictive song.

I really need to get out of Ford of the Dead for a bit, whether it is holiday, night out or short secondment somewhere.

Annoyed that those great shoes are STILL not in the sale!

Unrequited lust is just rubbish

My nails are horrible and I need to eat more fruit and veg

I keep craving milkshake (possibly due to nail issues above)

I really need to paint my bedroom green

I appear to be losing weight, and I don’t want my boobs to disappear

I really want a six-clasp suspender belt, but they’re expensive

I wish my hair would grow. I had it down to my arse once, but the split ends were terrible


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