Urgh I’m being emo…..

Posted: May 2, 2006 in Uncategorized

Must take something for that.

Feeling very up and down this morning.

Must be because I’m back at work after nearly 3 weeks off.

Feeling vaguely happy, but also having a bit of low self esteem today. A bit confused, and also annoyed with myself generally.

Work is going to be interesting. If the boss is in, I can bet any money the first question I get asked is ‘How was Whitby – did you pull?’ The man is obsessed.

Hair coming out this evening. Hurrah! Will even forsake a gym session for it.

And I found some song lyrics to sum up my mood, but they are far too cheesy. In fact I found a few, and can’t decide. Damn you, evil Vain. No Respect was such a great album.

Better get to work.


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