Posted: May 4, 2006 in Uncategorized

Hot office. Bit of a nightmare. Glad I didn’t wear tights in the end. Off to gym shortly, then clothing cull. maybe, unless something exciting is happening tonight.

That’s not likely, unless a knight in shining tresses whisks me away.

This means digging out *cough* summer clothes. Eurgh.

There were far too many half-naked people in town today. Unfortunately, they were people who should not be seen half-naked, or should at least invest in sunblock. Pink is not a good colour.

Forgot my cossie, so no cooling swim. Can’t be bothered to drive across town to get it.

Today, I am mostly being a coward. May have to sexually harass someone at work for fun, after all, it’s the next best thing to being harassed myself. And I’m starting to climb walls. This is not good. Don’t want to be propositioning any inappropriate specimens over the next few days.

How’s it all lying for the Glam night, anyway?


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