Things to do today

Posted: May 5, 2006 in Uncategorized

Because I am working at home today, so will actually be able  to do something useful and have time to doss about all afternoon

Change the album playing on Winamp becauseHelloween is getting depressing

Eat breakfast

Dye my hair. Allegedly it is  dark blonde, so I will have brown hair later 😉     Yep – brown it is! I look really ordinary now :p

Actually do the work I brought home  – yay! I can go out to play now!

Go  to the gym

Investigate the smell in the flat. Smells like a rotten orange or something – it’s vile
. It’s gone now. How strange.

Wash some clothes

Decide whether  to go to the club tonight, or wangle a visit to the House of Chaos for company and chillin’. Or alcohol abuse. Or just abuse.

Finish my CDs

At some point I must go into town.  Shame everyone is at work today. I could  go visiting with my laptop and chat while I work. Unfortunately it looks like it is just me, Jeremy Kyle and Chavmania.

And Chavmania it is. Holy crap.


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