Posted: May 11, 2006 in Uncategorized

Have just come back from the dentist, and have a numb mouth, but thankfully not a numb tongue, because I always bite it.

So now I am making a complete pigs’ ear of trying to drink a smoothie. Another impressive piece of info from Boots, there is a notice on the side that says ‘Contains: Milk’

As the product is called a Strawberry Dairy Smoothie, and is apparently ‘Plump, succulent strawberries bursting with flavour, blended with natural mild yoghurt for the taste of summer all year round’, I had kind of gathered that. It’s like bags of peanuts that say ‘Contains nuts’

Are we breeding a nation of complete cretins?

Hopefully will try to at least start removing wallpaper today. Got sidetracked by Curry Night (which I eventually got to at 10pm, after being sidetracked by the Apprentice, and managing to resist the doner ‘meat’ pizza), and had my ear chewed off, then had a nice bit of R & R.

Now I really must do some work. Should be gymming it today, but I have no time.


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