Posted: May 11, 2006 in Uncategorized

I actually went to Shatco and bought some REAL food.

After existing on bread, takeaways, JD and apples for the last few weeks, I finally bought chicken, Quorn, veg and stuff.

And cherry jaffa cakes (Tesco’s own) aren’t that bad at all. Not as good as the lemon and lime ones, but better than the blackcurrant ones. And probably better than the mingtastic sounding apricot ones *retch*

Mmmm JD. Pub.

Nah, gotta work early tomorrow to make up for my utter skiveness earlier.

Still debating whether to go out or not tomorrow. Still, it would be better than staying in my own private sauna, as the flat gets all the sun from lunchtime, and it’s pretty nasty.

Bought rubble sacks for the rest of the stuff, just so I can get the room started sometime next week. Argh.

I really need that Jack.


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