Posted: May 12, 2006 in Uncategorized

Still at work (yeah, I know, at this time on a Friday, in this heat and I haven’t skived off yet)

Getting a new flaptop next week so I have to clear my hard drive onto the shared drive. Unfortunately, my bit of shared drive is somewhat full, so I have to dump all that stuff first before I transfer.

Which means printing out hundreds of visit reports before deleting the ones I’m not currently working on. Gah. I need a big box. Wondering if I can burn the printer out……

Ah yes, box. Saw a funny sign in Baldock Services KFC the other day – the Deluxe Boneless Box. Hahahaha! A whole family gave me strange looks because I chuckled at it. I am a sick bastard. I should get it printed on a t-shirt!

Found some comedy jobs on the local Police website – Assistant in Special Branch, Firearms Licensing and Phoenix Administrator.

Would go for some of them myself, but the money isn’t loads better than what I can earn here (if I pull my finger out), and my job is more flexible. No LJ as a Phoenix whatsit, I bet!

As for the bedroom, I bought a load of rubble sacks yesterday. Will dump the clothes in them, then in the spare room, stack furniture in the hallway so it is a massive fire hazard, blocking the hallway, then resume wallpaper stripping. It’s well stuck down, and looks a nightmare, but it’s only one layer, thankfully.

Tonight I will drink.


Not sure whether to DRINK! in the pub, or sit around someone’s house. The choice of houses is somewhat limited, so will likely be the pub. May investigate the Hob. May not.

ARSE! As in, mine is shrinking. Tried on a couple of skirts earlier, and they fit OK, but were nasty creasy linen mix. I don’t do ironing, so they were out. Really nice bright red, too!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Printer has just beeped at me, and stopped. The display reads ‘Fuser Cleaner Exhausted’ HAHA!!! I have knackered out an inanimate object!!! Funny.

Let’s see if the other printer works….

FECK! How many do you want?

Ooo, there’s paper coming out of the other printer….. Hurrah! Shame I’m only on C. Will give up at F and go home, do the rest Monday, when the fuser cleaner has had time to recuperate! Or be replaced.


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