Ooh scary hair….

Posted: May 16, 2006 in Uncategorized

Did the strand test with the Caca Noir, and it went dark khaki green. Hmm. Left it on 3 hours too.

So now doing a strand test of a really dark red by Schwarzkopf – apt name, really…..

In ten mins I will wash it off, see the colour and despite the result, slap both boxes on anyway.

The bit of dye I have on my fingers currently looks like dried blood which is pretty cool.

Hair that looks like dried blood – interesting concept!

How fucking goth.

Spent last night adding pretty boys to my Myspace account. I’m Evilbex if any of you want to add me. You don’t have to be a pretty boy!

One in particular has caught my attention. Spoken to him before and he’s a nice chap, but a bit young. And all the teenies fall over him – eurgh. Useful to have a possible Jack-drinking pub buddy though.

Was supposed to be going into work early tomorrow. Luckily Criz bought me a huge can of some scary looking energy drink. And I still have a can of Irn Bru 32 which kicks arse.

Must. Do. Gym. Tomorrow.


*blast with hot air*

Ooooo pretty…..

Off to cover my hair with PPDs, resorcinol, and other nasties. Back in an hour or so.


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