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Posted: May 17, 2006 in Uncategorized

My hair is now the colour of my soul….

And similar to that of dried blood.


Still not particularly motivated but my emerging batwings will send me to the gym later.

Really getting all itchy about the bedroom now. Must. Tidy.

But I want to go out, see friends, meet new people, drink tea or Jack, go see people, watch films and eat pizza. Argh. My social life is really not happening much. But it’s Curry Night. Mighty tempting. I didn’t manage curry the last two weeks, but I may be tempted after a hard session at the gym (fnar), and some heavy tidying.

Unfortunately, it’s hit or miss whether anyone I know will be there.

Feeling a bit odd today. Sort of empty, but not. And confused. Must be the paranoia thing again, thinking everyone hates me again. I really must stop that.

Now back to work – much printing, deleting and checking, for tomorrow I have to drive to the Hell that is Luton for my shiny new laptop. Ooo.


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