Stupid computers

Posted: May 19, 2006 in Uncategorized

So I have my nice shiny laptop, which I take to a desk where there is no port replicator. After looking all over the poxy thing, I find a socket, for the power pack, a socket for the network cable and a couple of USB ports.

Plug the mouse in and realise there is no PS2 port for the keyboard. No adaptor, so I ring IT.

Who tell me that as we are running NT, it is not configured for USB, and the fact the mouse works at all is a fluke, and we don’t have any USB keyboards anyway.

How annoying. Any typos today are due to me having to use a crampy laptop keyboard….

Oh, and we’ll be getting XP ‘in the next year’. Wow.

Tonight will involve the pub, and hopefully me having enough confidence to talk to people without making an arse of myself, or everyone thinking I’m a nutter.


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