Another cracking weekend….

Posted: June 4, 2006 in Uncategorized

This one had it’s ups and downs, but it went  roughly as follows…..

Friday – after work, Halfords, bank and Do It All, finally got to the  campsite  at around 7pm. Cracked out the Slate, which is quite tasty, and then we decided to go to the pub. Naughty Pike and Andy bought me too much JD, but we wanted the glasses  for later. Lucky I took a  big bag. Back at camp,  drank more JD, then realised  at 3am it was too dark and  I was too pissed  to deal with my tent. Andy offered  to let me  stay in his trailer tent, so I did.  I spent  two hours  convulsing  from the cold,  2  hours asleep, and  then woke up sweating buckets at around 7am because some kids  had decided to burst balloons outside.

So now it’s Saturday. Went to work, had a pissed Susie  visit, and ask me to sort out her  balls, while she covered herself in glitter. When I finished, back to site, more Slate, sorted out by large red  instant erection then more Jack  and curry. And more Jack. And some more. Staggered around a lot  with Grace and  Laura, as  Andy went to honk. Cider is  not good. We all spent the next hour propping each other  up. Back to Andys for more Jack  (he had ice),  but I fell asleep, holding the Jack. All rock and roll kudos – I woke half an hour later, having not spilt a  drop, finished it, and went to experience my erection. 

Woke up 7am,  all was  good until I started applying the slap, when someone in the  next tent  decided to yak. Luckily it wasn’t floods, and I managed to escape to  Pikes  tent  where I couldn’t hear it. Breakfast was a spring  roll  and curry sauce and a  Zoom lolly. Elevenses was  a  Twister. Looked at  loads of pretty cars and  bikes,  chatted shit with everyone, met some cool  people and  bought a  couple  of nifty accessories, including  a red  skull for my jacket, and a badge for the back. Also got  bigger rings, so will get busy  with the vaseline later….
Also got a pic of  Andy with his  (boy) butter.
Packed up, went  to pub for  a very  strange dinner with furry chips and greasy flange, then  drove home.

And now I just want a very hot bath, and a large Jack. I am so tired.

Next weekend is Classic Ford show at Santa Pod. At least it’s only one day. And I will drool over cars I wish I could  afford….


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