Odd weekend

Posted: June 12, 2006 in Uncategorized


Friday, went for curry with friends, then went to HoC to meet up with James and John for Esquires. For such a shit club, it was an amusing night. A bit of slapping, much drinking, and then to work the next morning.

By this point, my tonsils had made their presence felt and I felt a bit crappy all day. Got home, got tarted up and crimped, using the Evil Gel Spray, and went to pick up George, James and Jo. The Coven was a surprisingly good night, bearing in mind I was on Red Bull. Music was good (a distinct lack of bleepy shite, and instead proper guitar goth rock), and there was a large Bedford contingent – Paul, Bridget, Ed, Mike, Anne, Liz and Flow turned up too, which was cool, even if at the time, it seemed 3 of them weren’t actually talking to me. All a misunderstanding, it seems.

Dropped them off, drank tea, then went home to wash the Evilness out of my hair. It was an effort. I was seriously considering washing up liquid at one point…. Got to bed and watched the sun  rise for a bit. 4 hours later,  I was on my way to Santa Pod….

….to see lots of pretty cars and car porn. Unfortunately, the heat, and my cold, which had finally made an appearance, meant I was feeling crappy and left about lunchtime.

At one point during the morning, I was in  the mood from hell. I was all set to write a massive rant about friends,  and people who say they are, but aren’t and why do they always treat you like shit? Basically, I have friends that tell me they admire my bluntness, outspokenness, sense of humour etc etc. Then give me all manner of shit  for exactly those things. Annoying. I was feeling better by the time I  left, so I’ll probably leave it for another time.

And as for the friend  who thinks it’s OK for them to do things, but not me – double standards are pathetic. If you don’t like it, don’t do it yourself.


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