Bloody Ouch

Posted: June 16, 2006 in Uncategorized

After procrastinating and whining, being a baby and a chicken, I finally went to get my nipple pierced yesterday.

And the word is Ouch.

Because it fucking hurt. At least it only hurt for 20 seconds or so,now it just aches. Tis a pretty, black titanium barbell.

I got itdonefirst because everyone tells me it is the most painful piercing. Figured if I can do that, I can deal with anything….

This cough is pissing me off. I’m all phlegmy and I keep waking up coughing. Not good.

Mr C is moving out this weekend. It will be weird. Weird because I’ve lived with him for the best part of 10 years, and weird because I will be all on my own. I’ve usually lived in shared houses, or bedsits and I haven’t actually lived properly on my own for 13 years. He’s going to stay with friends, so he will at least have company.

At least I have plenty of friends I can visit if needs be.


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