Weekend stuff

Posted: June 18, 2006 in Uncategorized

The idea was to go to pub and Esquires on Friday. Was told around 9pm, so went to HoC, checked out Mikes new piercing, told everyone mine was a bit sore. Went to pub at 9.30, drank Jack, watched alarming 2 holes fisting and footing video, chatted to John, Emma and bro, went to Bear, watched Anne insert foot into mouth, twisted my own feet around, walked to Esquires, pushed Susie in trolley (apt really – she was somewhat trollied), drank more, spent entire evening slouched on bench, leering. Danced to a couple of songs (OK, swayed a bit), went for pizza, found myself walking home alone which is not a nice experience. But would rather take my chences with a handful of keys, my fists and big boots against a bloke in the street than being stuck aalone in a taxi.

Spent most of Sat in a fog of self-doubt, paranoia and confusion. Bloody cough and no sleep.

Work on Sat, was very tired, but in the evening went to Esquires again, drank Jack, ate cake, watched the Tendons, chatted and stuff. Danced appallingly to surprisingly good music, left before pizza, because someone looked ill, rang Mike, he was grumpy because I woke him up. Went to crash, demanded blanket for sofa. After 10 mins couldn’t stop coughing. Got lift home from Criz, who had just had pizza and didn’t bring me any! Finally got to bed at 4am, up again by 7.

Today has been chillout day, but I am completely wasted. So much to do, but I just want to chill today.


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