Yukky bogies. Hair. Leering.

Posted: June 21, 2006 in Uncategorized

Still have horrible phlegmy cough – eurgh!

Also have sore ears, as I stretched them up to a MASSIVE 3mm this morning. I am such a wimp.

Nipple not too bad today – was pretty much painless yesterday, but a bit more sore today. May brave the gym later, see if my wrist will hold up too! I am beginning to feel a bit flabby…..

Have a couple of pics of the weekend, but can’t post yet as I’m at work. Basically, in one of them I’m pissed and snarling, in another, I am trollied (or rather, I am helping push a friend in a trolley), and in the third I am slumped and leery (pity the poor bastard I am slumped over, though he was in a worse state than I)

Today’s mission, should I choose to accept it, is to clear the backlog of crap niggly work things, and to buy something SUMMERY to wear, as they don’t seem to make summer goth/punk/rock chick wardrobes that aren’t indecent or generally shite in every way. Might go for a re-bleach too, see if I can lift the colour a bit more.

It’s telling that I’m in Hair Kill Mode -I took advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 haircare offer yeserday, and bought Evil hairspray, and 2 Intensive oh-dear-you’ve-been-abusing-your-hair-again-you-fuckwit-do-you-never-learn? conditioning treatments. Hmmmm. Why can’t I leave it alone? Oh well, at least I’m not bleaching it ALL out (yet….), because that would be REALLY silly (like I haven’t done it before…er…)


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