Tired already

Posted: June 28, 2006 in Uncategorized

Last night was fun- went to the Pilgrims to see Liz as it was her birthday. Chatted to various people – Flow, Liz, Serena, Neil, Phil, Tom, Lucy, Lisa?, Scott, Ailish and Mr Saints of Eden. Pub shut at 11, so we went off to the Bear for more Jack and pork scratchings. Got home around 1am, and then thought ‘I’ll just have a quick surf…..’

Got off MSN at 4.30am, but a least that’s saved a few texts, and my mobile phone bill…..

Now somewhat tired! Have loads of work to do, need a haircut (and a complete bollocking from the hairdresser), have sore ears, have to go to gym, have a bath, work out what to wash for tomorrow, clean fridge, buy some food and go eat curry – arghhh!!!

Does it never end?


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