Manic insomniac

Posted: June 29, 2006 in Uncategorized

Gragh can’t sleep!

Not helped by my 5am bedtime yesterday, but I’ve been up all day, and now I’m going slightly manic…..

At least I’m not at work tomorrow, so can sleep in.
Yeah, right.

May bleach and dye, may see Vodafone about my poxy network issues – it took 2 peoples messages 5 HOURS to get to me, while someone elses came through within minutes, and I don’t think any of them are on the same network as me…..

Have to find something suitably slutty to wear, look up stuff on the net (how to get to Leadenhall for a start…), see if I do actually have cash, debate to backcomb or not…..


Getting VERY excited at the prospect of Hanoi Rocks tomorrow – the Rock n Roll, the tall blond Scandinavian goodness – *wibble* Stuff of teenage dreams, though hopefully I won’t hyperventilate this time!

Arg this sleeplessness is a bad thing I will be a wreck by the weekend….

That’ll make a change………

Oh yeah, the gym – gotta go, gotta sort out my programme, make a new one and DO THE WORK! Sprained wrist really NOT helping on that front……

Getting twitchy about lyrics again. I’m such a fucking emo.

Oh I can’ be arsed…..


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