More Mother saga…

Posted: July 5, 2006 in Uncategorized

So, I got aphone call from my aunt yesterday.

‘Your mother has gone to Leicester to escape the Africans, and she’a juat put the phone down on me’


It seems my mother was convinced there were Africans outside her house, and they were after her. So she went to Leicester. No, actually she WALKED to Leicester. Nearly 40 miles……
Then she rang my aunt, to say she needed picking up, because she had no money and couldn’t walk home. There was an argument, and she put the phone down. She has no money and no mobile phone. Fantastic.

So I get the phone call. I can’t just go to Leicester and drive round, I have no money for petrol, I’ve had a bad day anyway, stressing about my mother is not helping. Seems I have been getting less Mother Parcels recently because my aunt has been getting them.

We’re both worried that Social Services will try to make one of us look after her. Last time she visited it took a week for me to seriously consider packing my bags, and if she ever knew I was now here on my own, that would be it. I’ve just got the place to myself, and the thought of living with my mother brings me out in a cold sweat. I left home 16 years ago, and I could never, ever live with her again.  I have lived in squats, on the street and in crack houses rather than go back there.

Anyhow, got up to a text message this morning. My aunt went to Leicester nick to pick her up, and they got back after 1am. Seems  she’s OK which is good, but later i will have to make a pretty unpleasant  phone call to the Community Psychiatric Nurse,  and have her sectioned. Again. I was 16 last time, so too young to sign the paperwork, but this is going to be fucking nasty. She gets violent – she punched my Grandma and aunt last time.

And I also have to explain all this to my boss.

Today is gonna be  fun…….


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