Some unexcitement

Posted: July 10, 2006 in Uncategorized

Hmm well work was interesting today.

No,  really it was. To me.

The man at the company I visited today has obviously never seen anything like me  before. Not that I was dressed in a particularly outlandish fashion,  just that I think he was expecting a Suit.  Nah mate. Sanctimonious fucker, he was. Then he  gave me all sorts of instructions on ‘how to walk around the factory’ FFS, I walk around factories, warehouses, distribution centres,  loading areas  etc all the bloody time. It’s my job! Pillock.

Back to work, and an email about a meeting in Peterborough tomorrow, that I have to go to. Great. So, where and when then? Will be interesting, I know  precisely fuck all about the New Computerised Transit System, and I suspect I will know little more tomorrow.

Then, a chat with the boss about my impending secondment. He wants to come with me for a day, see what it’s all about then buy me beer. Can’t complain. He’s impressed with me at the  moment  and  thinks if I pull this off (what with double booking myself  with the other project and having to do my own work too – ooo overtime!!! Something  rare and precious indeed…..), I should be ready for promotion in the next year or so. Which means I will be a HO (he he he) And I will scare the crap out of the ‘other side’ too….. ha ha ha!!!

Now must sort  myself out. My legs are covered in bruises…

Get cat food  before the place gets torn apart, work out what is wrong with Firefox because IE is shite and make a delivery of medicine (which sadly I cannot partake in).

And join a fucking assertiveness class!!!!! The boss compliments  me on my work, and I go red and  mumble, how feeble… Probably because I’m embarrassed – I haven’t been making that much effort at all, and fear one day I will be rumbled…


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