The Madness hasn’t ended at all….

Posted: July 10, 2006 in Uncategorized

Christ, what a weekend!

Thursday, went to Time Out with Laura – supposedly Indie/Alternative night, and it was  full of ‘scene’  kids. which was hilarious – all bad haircuts and bad  ‘retro’ 80s gear…. After seeing too many of my friends getting fucked over and manipulated by a certain young lady, I told her (now ex) boyfriend exactly what she had been up to. Evil? Yes. None of my business? Hell, no – I don’t like seeing people playing  my friends off  against one another, picking on vulnerable friends or just disregarding others’ feelings just to feed their own ego. She has since left town and gone back home. Aw.

Friday, I drove to Plymouth and back to collect Grace which was fun, but exhausting. It should have been a  6 hour round trip, not 9!!!! After  sitting in traffic  for an hour at  Buckingham, for one poxy tiny bit of roadworks, to general congestion on the A34, rush hour traffic in Portsmouth, then a stupid camper van driver cutting me up and making me miss my exit, a broken down van in the middle of the M25, kids waving at us on buses, the Skat lorry, avoiding the M1 because of roadworks and getting generally more impatient with anyone who dared use  the same  road as  me, I was too tired to go out. Got me bottle of Cream Egg Corky’s though…

Saturday was work, then Esquires. Allegedly. Actually I ended up in the Soundhaus  with John, Emma, James and George and his cool purple hair.  Much hilarity  (or not) as various pints took a  tumble from the speaker that was vibrating excessively due to crappy EBM. I was embarrassed  as certain  people  danced to Jason Donovan, and Cider and  JD in one night is bad. I managed to send texts I don’t remember sending and don’t actually bear any resemblance to any topic that has been texted previously. Due to my woeful non-attendance at Esquires, I have a lot of apologising to do….

Today was a bit of everything. Got Grace back to Portsmouth in less than 3 hours – no traffic to speak of, and I didn’t get  lost or anything. Had already received a text asking if I had  free time, and as I had  managed a relatively quick and stress-free journey, decided to take up the offer and went to watch Pirates 2 with Andy. Found out that my  ‘eating while talking’ gene is faulty again – too much talking, not enough eating. Film was good  (and not just because of Johnny Depp  with long hair and eyeliner!!!!) Uneventful but tiring drive home. Went to garage for cat food and came out with Irn Bru and a cookie. Hm. Cats are happy though – they get prawns because of my ineptitude.

Back to the grindstone tomorrow.

Things I have learned this week;

I am an emotional retard
I can be as evil as I’m perceived to be
I actually really like  punk music
My conscience doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it should
I can be an inconsiderate arse at times (actually I already knew that)
I should not take my phone out if I’m drinking
Cider and Jack Daniels drunk on one night is a really bad idea
I am too hard on myself
My friends only have my best interests at heart
My idea of being quite a private person is not to tell people every little detail of my life (no, really! This doesn’t count….). Other people call it ‘hiding things’, which makes for all sorts of misunderstanding.


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