A chilled one

Posted: July 16, 2006 in Uncategorized

Or not. It was , in fact, incredibly hot.

Saturday, I worked all day,  so I didn’t get chance to go to the River Festival, which means I missed nearly everyone. I didn’t go out, either. I was far too tired and just couldn’t be arsed.  Also miffed that I missed the 80s night at Esquires on Friday, but it appears everyone else did too. Flyers would have been nice, Pete!

Today I finally dragged myself out of my pit and wandered  around the festival. I completely failed to buy any food as the choice was vast. From kangaroo, ostrich and antelope burgers,  bratwurst, noodles, waffles with ice cream and sauce, crepes,  beer, wine, some mad monk drink, cakes, pastries,  and all  manner of fast food vans, I gave up and just bought ice lollies. Had a quick mooch around town, and was on my way back to the festival when I saw  Mike, Laura and friend, who were off to see Dom playing on the bandstand. Met up with Liz while I was there, James turned up, and I finally met Ed.

Watched Dom play for a bit, had a wander round then went  back to HoC for cider lollies.  They all started cleaning up, as there’s a house inspection tomorrow, so  I made my excuses and  left….

Must have worked though,  as I was shamed into doing the washing up and cleaning the bath and toilet.  Have also washed clothes. Well, it’s a start…..

Have also finally set up Soulseek,  though I really think I need a bigger c  drive. Hmmm.  As it specialises in non-mainstream  music, I should be able to get started on the massive list  Susie  gave me….. hence the need for a bigger c  drive… Because my wishlist is probably as long. I’ve laready found someone with all the Disneyland After Dark albums, and a  couple of Love/Hate albums I didn’t even know existed….

I also have a week to get as much work finished as possible, so I should really be at work very early tomorrow. Like 7am early. Better get myself to bed then…..

And I also have to thank John for uttering words of sense and clarity at me this afternoon.


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