Funny day

Posted: July 17, 2006 in Uncategorized


Work was….. productive, i.e. I did some….

My phone is odd.  The camera click is really quiet *evil  grin*,  and the vibrate seems a bit….intermittent.

So, at risk of boring anyone who actually reads a MySpazz blog…..

Reasons I Am Feeling Quite Happy;

If I choose, I can have cold cider, Irn Bru, Jack Daniels and ice or mint choc Sidekick.

Oh, I have just been offered a virtual Posh Jack with ice……thankee kindly, sir.

I have just had a bath and I smell clean and nice and  not of sweat and nasty  grimy pollution. In fact I smell of  mango and grapefruit  and Dead Sea minerals. And  my skin and hair are soft.

My hair is looking  decent  for once – it has recovered from the bleach and looks and feels like hair again.  The colour is faded but not bad – seems red is definitely my colour in whatever shade, so may as well keep it.

Speaking of skin, my PMT spots are gone and my skin is almost clear. And the slight tan makes my eyes look a softer grey – more sea-grey than slate grey. This is good.

Despite slacking from the gym,  my muscle tone hasn’t diminished massively,  so I will be back there tomorrow, pumping iron and building them back up.

Yep, I actually like myself at the  moment, and believe I’m not actually a rancid  fat heifer  which is a start.

My boss has  promised to take me for a beer. Sounds like  nothing, but there are a few people he always takes for a beer, and I always though it was because they were his ‘chums’. Seems he’s nervous  of asking the female members of staff to go for a beer after a visit in case they think it ‘inappropriate’. That he asked me shows he respects  me, thinks I’m cool and ‘one of the lads’,  and that he knows I’m  not a simpering female who cries ‘harassment’ at every moment. And yes, he did actually say ‘take you for a beer’. He knows, you see.  Whichever pub it is had better sell  decent ale (or cider, if I have to).

My friends are cool. They  really are. From the ones who kick  my arse when I’m having an ugly day, to the  ones  who think of me from afar, the ones who always have an open door, the ones who are always pleased to see me (and I them), the ones who put up with my shit, my rants and my mardy fits, the ones who buy me a beer,  the ones who don’t  laugh at me,  the ones who do, the ones who dance like a loon with me, the ones  who hold me up when I’m drunk, and especially the ones who put  up with me being particularly embarrassing……

My god I’ve been trying to write this for ages – I keep getting distracted – never mind.

Yes, I’m in a strange  but silly mood tonight. And I’ve had no alcohol  (apart from my virtual Jack)

He he my body may be clean, but my mind is filthy……


Ah yes, I’m back in lech mode,  jolly good……


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