Posted: July 21, 2006 in Uncategorized

Felt a bit odd yesterday – still dehydrated depite drinking plenty all day, so when I turned up at HoC, I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to go out.
My mind was soon made up by Dr Corky’s, and we wandered off to the Bankers. Which was rubbish. The bloke on the door was about to ask me for ID, but I glared at him. Silly man. I suspect I’m older than him anyway.

Managed to get away to the Bear, but I spent most of the night on Coke. Got to the Pad, which was predictably rubbish. High points of the night were seeing Graham out, and him offering to get me tix for some of the gigs he’s going to with Tom (who is married now), and actually having a dancing partner who is as mad as me (our double act to Faster Pussycat’s Babylon is ….. interesting.) Sadly it seems he and his bird split up a couple of weeks ago. Biggest shocker about it all was that a- they had been together 6 years, I didn’t realise it was that long, and b -he wasn’t aware I had split with Chris. At all. He was suitably surprised.

Other comedy moments included a couple of nasty slappersdirty dancing with each other around random blokes, then chatting them up. And one of them has a boyfriend. George and I decided they were trying far too hard, so before we left, George went and told them so. Which, being the nasty piece of work I am, I found utterly hilarious.

Apparently Arsequeers is the place to be tonight, but I am absolutely knackered. Due to heat I barely got any kip at all and I feel like death. Better knuckle down then I can go home early and get a couple of hours quality shuteye in. Need to dye my hair too – it is somewhat rubbish.


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