More weekend fun….

Posted: July 23, 2006 in Uncategorized

Another hectic weekend, and not enough kip, as ever.

Friday, went to HoC but everyone too knackered to go out, so buggered off up the Bear, where I saw Ditch, litus666 and  Phil, and made the acquaintance of Bruce, who I’ve only ever seen totally spannered up until now.

Went to Esquires with litus666, and it really wasn’t looking at all promising. Was called over by Ed and met his mate Anthony. So I did spend an evening in Esquires surrounded  by pretty blond  men…..but they were both gay.  Chatted to random people and I believe I actually danced.

No sleep, as usual, and to make matters worse, I couldn’t remember what time I was supposed to be at work. Turned up at 8.20 to find I was due to start at  10….. Fortunately, the 8.30 starter had  forgotten her times too,  and was late, so we swapped  shifts. 

Off to a barbecue.  Unfortunately Pike, Susie and Grace didn’t make it, but then that meant more ribs for me…… Highlights of the night include – ribs, JD, more ribs, chocolate fudge cake, fruit tart, lemon meringue pie punch,  stroking the snakes, frogs and of course  having a good time with mates.

Have now had a record 6 hours  kip, and am feeling more with it. May be a day of disturbing films,  not sure yet. I have a fridge full of cider, most of a bottle of JD, plenty of ice, and a shop selling ice cream next door. Life is good….


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