World Domination Beckons!

Posted: July 23, 2006 in Uncategorized

Well, not quite…..

Tomorrow,  and probably the rest of the week,  I have to make  a *lovely* drive to Stevenage, to go to my detached duty station. Nice. It’s an ex-IR office, and I will be working mostly with them. Safe to say, they have never met anyone quite like me before.

Now, that’s not to say I’m different from anyone else in my team, but we have a very laid back manager, and the people I work with are very experienced, have been doing the job since I was a clump of cells, and have seen it all. We have a laugh, and as long as we get the job done, we’re generally left to it.

The people I will be working for are bureaucratic, like to cross all the t’s, are utterly gradeist and everything has to be done The Right Way. Oh dear. And they wear suits. To the office.  They kicked up an almighty fuss about actually having to MEET the traders, as they spend their lives in the office (the light….it  burnsssss!), and as  for having to travel……

So, I’ll turn up in a nice Lucky Kitten shirt, or my off-the shoulder number, or maybe a bright red polka dot dress. And my skull shoes – or massive New Rocks. And the brightest red lipstick I can find. Hehehehe!!!!!

My boss thinks I’ll get fed up and leave after a month.  One chap at work thinks  I’ll say something bad after a week and leg it back, and Arms reckons with one single sentence, I’ll be out before I can say  ‘Where do I sit?’……

So this should be fun….

I have around 30 hours of my own work left to do, so if I play my cards right, I could get an extra weeks TOIL out of it…..

Today I did fuck all just pissed around on the PC, went for a drive, went to HoC, ate pizza and ice lolly then went for another drive and am back here, drinking cider and getting ever more wobbly.  What a fucking lightweight – 2 pints….. Ah well, I’m a cheap date… 😉

And the problem with actually sleeping until 9am? I’m  really not tired…….


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