Going to the Dark Side

Posted: July 24, 2006 in Uncategorized

I went over to the Dark Side today….

And it  was  funny.

They were all  in their daily staff meeting, and they looked horrified when I walked in in cut off jeans and a vest.  Heh.  I definitely got some  curious looks.  I forget  everyone in Luton and Bedford is used to me.

Afterwards,  I got  shown stuff, and a  few of the locals  chatted  to me – they were OK, but I did feel like the proverbial goldfish.

Met the boss – I believe he remembered  me,  and he made a comment about me bringing an element of diversity to the team – yep, I’m the offical Team Freak! Yay!

And there was an alarming chap there who just became Limpet  Man all day – came to shop for sarnie  with me, left at the same time – not good. And he kept calling me ‘dear’ and touching my shoulder  *twitch*  I hate being called ‘dear’  Rescue came from an unexpected source… And yeah, the swine was wearing a wedding ring – ergh!!!! Slimy bastard.

And OK, I confess,  I’m a liar. I have got some confidence. Some  may call it  bolshy. Whatever. I just decided to treat  the place as if I owned it. Well,  I do. They are my bitches now…

Tomorrow I have to go there and read all about the different regimes, which should be….er….soporific. Will start  really early  so I’m all  done  by lunchtime, then spend the afternoon doing my own work. Proper work.


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