Mixed bag

Posted: July 26, 2006 in Uncategorized

Am going to brave the hairdresser next week – get them to trim and bleach – they’re less likely to kill it than me…

I will get a total bollocking though……coconut oil on……

Work is interesting. Sort of. I’m getting into it, and might actually get to know what I’m talking about in a couple of weeks. Some of the people are quite normal, but then I’m a gobby bastard…..
Missing the easy banter and general laid back attitude at the office though. Some people get too stressed….

Going to a Goth Bint Barbeque  tomorrow.  Should be a laugh…shame I’m driving,  but then I have a sleeping bag in the car….

Despite the rain earlier, I am still somewhat shiny and sticky – yeuch!

Wanting piercings again. Can’t afford them, and have dental appointment soon, so lip is out for a bit…..


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