And more weekendness

Posted: July 30, 2006 in Uncategorized

Wot  I did at the weekend.

Friday, I went to Classic Rock Night at Esquires, and danced to some good tunes,  chatted more than I danced though, which was a first.  Not that I didn’t like the music, but I had a lot to chat about. I was  in a bad mood when I went,  so didn’t drink, but it was all sorted by the end of the night. By the end of the night, I was feeling much happier.

Yesterday, I went to a party held by someone I had met once,  and it was fun. Went with ginger_george and met the same chap who was at the barbecue last week. Many jokes were made about only seeing each other at barbecues, and I then proceeded to bore the poor man shitless for 4 hours while polishing off the best part of a (small) bottle of JD. Luckily, George was on hand to make sure I got home OK.

Today I went to the hot rod show at Old Warden, but spent so much time chatting I didn’t actually get to see any cars. Oops. Did see a few nice ones at the cruise though, and spent yet more time gassing.

And that’s about it really. Not particularly exciting or manic.

Sorry about that. I will try harder next time.


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