Slightly confuzzled

Posted: July 31, 2006 in Uncategorized


Y’know, I was happy to receive it, and it means a lot to me that you’re my friend, but it cut me up, just a little bit.  [\cryptic comment]

*puts blank mask back on*

Today has been a hectic one. I am now sitting here, with a nice big Jack, and grapes (I ate the chocolate), and I can finally relax. Shame it’s nearly tomorrow, which will be just as bad…..

It was supposed to be a day off to tidy and do long-neglected housey crap.

Instead I ran around like a blue-arsed fly, did a stocktake, had to swallow an awful lot of bad feeling for the sake of a more worthy cause, and deal with a grumpy late night visitor. Having tea at 11pm not  my idea of fun!!!

But now it’s over, I can kick back, enjoy a Jack with a nice easy read of New Scientist ( I have been neglecting my brain recently – I need to be sure the alcohol has left some…), some late-night nutters on cable and think about the root canal, tax calculations and regime cramming I have to do tomorrow.  I haven’t even thought about the evening yet…..


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