Did I just hear something?

Posted: August 4, 2006 in Uncategorized

A slight creaking maybe…….

No cuts because I am at work, sorry about that, will fix when I can….

I am sitting here, at work (at ‘proper’ work) as I went out last night, drank too much and driving myself to Stevenage is probably not a great idea, much less actually legal, I suspect! I managed to get myself the half mile from the HoC to here without incident, but I don’t fancy my chances on the A1, though I feel much less wobbly after a cheese sarnie and some Lucozade….

And if anyone can tell me what the fuck possessed me to drink the random Malibu and Coke I was handed, please do….eurgh!!! Would recommend going to bed at 5am as a hangover avoidance device, though by tomorrow evening I suspect I will be paying for it big time…

Went to Time Out and it was actually a pretty decent night, though that may have had a lot to do with the company… The music wasn’t bad, and better than the last time I went, and they do their spirits in decent glasses too – I do like my JD in a big glass tumbler….

To go into the ‘Things I have been told that make no sense’ folder:

Wouldn’t I rather my friend was happy than me? It must be more important to me that they are happy, even if it affects me adversely.

WTF? Actually it is a drunken compliment of sorts, basically that I have to sacrifice things for my friends’ wellbeing as they can’t be trusted to sort their own lives… Woo, go me! I think. Following on from my rant of the other day though, it is proof positive that people think nothing affects me.

Oh, I hear it now…..


Yes, the door has shut, nothing’s getting in or out, and I’ve thrown away the key. There’s a couple of deadbolts for good measure, and a little spyhole so I can see what’s going on, but no-one can look in…..

Tough shit, fuckers. You’re all too late. Closed for business. Bookings by appointment only.

Tonight I will probably go to Esquires to see Henry and the Bleeders, as I haven’t seen a full set of theirs yet. Very remiss of me. May also pay a visit to another friend I have neglected somewhat this week.

Will also read a muscle mag in the hope I will be motivated to go to the gym next week. I have been unforgivably slack on that front, and my front is becoming unforgivably slack……

This post was brought to you by Self Preservation Inc., Jack Daniels, the letters F,U and the number of the Beast.


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